Welcome to the Bestseller Bootcamp resources page! I will provide you with useful resources, software, and websites to help make your life as a self-published author a little easier. I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks for future reference.

Please keep in mind that some of the following resources are my affiliate links, and should you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission — at no extra cost to you! I am recommending these resources only because I have found them to be incredibly helpful. Don’t spend your money on any products or resources unless you think they will benefit you.

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When I wrote my very first eBook about 5 years ago, I signed up with Scrivener — and I’ve never looked back! Since then, I’ve written dozens of eBooks with Scrivener as my only text editor.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use text editor trusted by professional writers and authors — look no further.

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KDP Rocket

KDP Rocket is one of the most important tools in my arsenal. This software helps you find profitable book ideas by identifying what is in demand on the Kindle Bookstore.

It does this by showing you how much money other books are making in that niche, and how many Searches Per Month on Amazon are being made for your book idea.

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Evernote is software that helps you take notes and get organized. This software has helped me immensely to remember book ideas, create todo lists to keep myself motivated, and brainstorm new ideas.

Evernote will help you maximize your productivity.

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